Monday, November 8, 2010

Jakarta Fashion Week 2010 : Oscar Lawalata

Yesterday I got privilege to come to Oscar Lawalata  show at Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011. I never had been this amazed with our traditional ikat weaving fabric so much. The collection is so awesome that I have to blog about it. In collaboration with UK woven textile designer, Laura Miles. They were doing research and development for the garments through out Nusa Tengara and West Java (garut) since earlier this year. Great exploration for our national heritage. Oscar and Laura made the fabric more light and easy, In conjunction with  next summer vibrant new spirit. Form in variety of clean cut and contemporary silhouettes. Oscar collection this year is both bold and chic. Perfect for already intricate ikat.  Dare I say this is how supposedly we represent our legacy. 

photo taken by Gisela Wina.

check out his complete awesomeness here.

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