Sunday, March 7, 2010

Agora (2009)

Beautiful put out by an atheist. At first I’m not quite sure what is the purpose of the script; everything in this earth is bound to it by gravity is the first thing I understand. There is also dogma, propaganda and one women standing for herself.
Rachel Weisz mesmerizing performance as Hypatia, a scholar who is defining science as way of life; an answer is just another question on progress for her; open-minded teacher with high spirit of tolerance, in time where everybody just want to succeed their belief by hostility. Alluring plot come from infatuated slave Devus played by gorgeous Max Minghella. Make me realized love is loyalty and sincerity for what it takes.
For me the movie is about the beauty of a truth-seeker. Philosophical changes for those who are unbound with cluster thoughts. “You cannot question what you believe. I must.”


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