Monday, December 28, 2009

Paris New Wave 2010

When you think being designer is all fun and games, how about try to be the next best thing in the city of all talented. I would definitely investigoogle with all the names, specially Maxime Simoens, his collections seems precious and he is as lovely as a gold. He speak from his true desire.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OMAGAWD: Stripper Shoes, literally

I thought my browsing agenda today will be all class and sophistication of the twenties, I was wrong (in all 20s part) and I was diverted. How am I not, look at this uber hot shoes made in Shauna Sand heaven. Nothing like screaming hierarchy on your foot steps, that is all I can say.
Actually one of my friend, Steffani Ten. Design almost the same wedge as this immaculate piece. But hers not got the same sass and audacity (insert irony here).

The shoes namely 7" Wood wedge platform sandal exotic stripper dancer, as for details please read the name again. It can be yours only with $ 175 - I know, such a bargain for a monetary investment, non?


Monday, December 14, 2009

Me on diet

Recently I just re-new my dietary regimen, by that I mean I eat more now. Maybe I need more protein, now and again seems like I always get chilled every time the wind blows. I want to be healthier but not out of gym kind a healthy, but more like someone who visibly look skinny but inside they were solid nutrition. This is my plan; eat more vegetables, yogurt, fruits and also drink tons of milk-both dairy and soy, walk instead of waiting for taxi, limit the usages of sugar and salt (I know, fairytale sounds beautiful), dance my ass off and stay zero alcohol(I cannot promise on the latter). Yeah I'm going to try to make that happen. Cause there is always a reason to be skinny -but healthy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

These New Puritans - We Want War


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