Saturday, November 28, 2009

I want my FURRRR

Wearing fur in tropical country, seems like sweating suicide, but I still want it-bad. Not trying to make an excuse. I think the wind and the temperature here is get more chilling, it must be global warming effect (do not trust me!).
The point is, I need to layer up my fat-less corpse. It doesn't have to be real fur (hail to PETA) and I like them feathers too, but real life said that I have to be pricing conscious . So I think I will saving for faux fur instead.

The black one is amazing in every other outfit and it will fit perfectly with my boots, I like colorful fur. No, not that dolce and gabbana kind of bright one, but more like dusty purple that Boris Kolesnikov wore in 3rd pic and the red that eddy betty have from his Eccentriclassy 2008 collection. I want it... I want it-SO BAD.

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