Thursday, September 17, 2009

Revelation via The Imagist: Being Human

My searching for Natasha, Lara and Mariacarla are endless, but one thing lead to another and bought me to this great article by Wayne from the Imagist, its called Reference library: Big 14: Beyond Cool: Bob Richardson. It was epiphany beyond imagination. More than your Saturday night talks with your besties where all the pop references you knew just bring your ego little further. The first quote from bob is “You can't be afraid to suffer. If you're afraid to suffer, you'll never be an artist" I'm pretty much sealed right there. In ages where economic is the every reason to breath. It’s hard to stay true to ourselves. Wanting and willing seems not enough this days. I saw with my very eyes people changes in a snap of the fingers, no more nice struggling artist no more, its fame and glory. Money oriented mediocre human. Which for me it was just death bored.

"When you're a kid and you're trying to break into fashion, you often times look around at all the tropes and types around you and replicate that as your idea of fashion. You obey the rules because you think that obedience will buy acceptance" said Wayne. Yes Indonesia is developing country. And we are still growing. Power is dogmatic. And our choice is, are we going to work for the system or not. Are we going to cut our creative thoughts and sing in the tunes of their choir with diamond and gold, or demand for a change? Marxist critique of capitalism — In a capitalist society, an economic minority (the bourgeoisie) dominate and exploit the working class (Proletariat) majority. Per the labor theory of value, under conditions they do not control, workers produce more output, and create more value, than necessary to meet societal needs; with the surplus value (over-production), the capitalists accumulate more wealth and political power. So true non? I'm not communist me truly not, I know people have to eat and have needs. But the question is how much that we need? You’re not going to be hungry when you look at your very own pieces and said I do what I like and this is real me. Revolution is a long way but there is a step for it.

Can we all just concentrate to the thing that we like and not trying to emulate what is cool and how things should be. Money will always burning and there can only be one Nick Knight with all the minimalism set and elaborate lighting, Terry Richardson with his raw on-camera flash and raw sex, Nicola will always use awesome head pieces and Anna Wintour is Vogue America.

Learn what you must and stay true to your inner self, rebellion is kind of sexy.

Read the whole articles [here]

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