Monday, September 14, 2009

My little fishes

Recently we got three new addition to our family, they are three beautiful goldfish. and they joining they big brother in little fountain that we got on my petit garden.

the bigger one comes months ago and he is common goldfish, I called him number #1. He used to have one other siblings but s/he is long gone, he's the only survivor. But hey, he got three other cute siblings now and they are fantail goldfish.

and since I'm running out of ideas I called them number #3 , number #4 and number #5. Adding #6, #10, #18 Voila! they will become DG perfumes anthology, cue Claudia.

here they are playing in the bucket while I'm busting clean their house, they are so nasty, drinking and pissing in the same water.

This fishy thingy kinda remind me of Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Spring-08, non?

Translucent, fluid and glamorous. So now their name it's either the numbers or ...

Alexandra, Morgane, Alana and Milagros.


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